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The principle behind leading banks offering physician mortgages in Saint Antonio is to establish a relationship with individuals who make stable income. It is an extremely lucrative program for both physician lenders and borrowers as doctors are considered to have a steady high paying job which makes the risk of them deferring their payments pretty low as compared to others.

Doctor Mortgage Loan Programs generally require only an employment contract as proof of income making it beneficial for doctors who are relocating for their first job or want to move in before they start practicing. This is a unique and lucrative program assisting doctors/ physicians to kick-start their career.

The following list of doctors/ physicians are eligible to apply for the Doctor Loan Programs in Saint Antonio:

•    Medical Physicians (MD)

•    Doctors of Osteopathy (DO)

•    Dentists (DDS/DMD)

•    And Veterinarians (DVMM)

•    Podiatrists (DPM)

•    Optometrists (OD)

Physician Mortgage Loan Experts in Saint Antonio

Physician Mortgage Loans in Saint Antonio requires doctors to invest very little money for a down payment on the loan, usually 0-5% of the purchase price. It also does not mandate physicians to pay for private mortgage insurance (PMI). Banks do not include the student loan debt and neither let it influence the approval of doctor loan program in Saint Antonio. This makes it a desirable offer and one of the main reasons why it is said to be so beneficial for a recent graduate. It accepts residency/fellowship/employment contract as proof of income for the future. Usually, conventional lenders look backward at the borrowers earning history to be able to determine if they’ll be able to afford a monthly loan payment, but physician lenders don’t.

Leading banks that give physician mortgage in Saint Antonio require you to only open an account with them to be eligible for a loan. They do not resort to any malpractices of forcing borrowers to open an account in a way that ensures them to do business other than the physician loan with them.In some cases, doctor mortgage loans in Saint Antonio allows borrowers also to use money that they have received as a gift for the down payment, cash reserves or closing costs.

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Doctor Mortgage Loans in Saint Antonio offers value and benefits that cannot be refused. It holds a higher chance of approval for the new in practice physicians. It finances 90-100% of the loan value usually. It provides more upper loan limits depending on the country and on the institution that is making the loan. Despite which it still has a higher loan limit than any conventional loan amounting from $850k to $1.5million. The Physician mortgage loans in Saint Antonio have the highest interest rate but still, keep into consideration many benefits for physicians especially the ones early in their career.

With the help of Doctor Loan Program in Saint Antonio medical students, these days get their residence, with zero earnings history, no cash, and abundant student loan. Doctor mortgage loans have benefitted the early-career physicians by lending them a more substantial amount of money with fewer pre-requisites. The goal has been to promote lending in the positive light with lucrative offers that cannot be refused. Doctors at the start of their career get a jumbo help and can plan the next 5-10 years of their career with more ease and clarity because of the physician loan. They can now take advantage of low mortgage rates to buy a house of their own very early in their career. This is a win-win situation for both lenders and borrowers as deferring payments is an unlikely situation considering the stability of a doctor’s high-income job.



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