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Physician Mortgage Loans in Charleston are home loans designed to help physicians that are starting out. New physicians after graduating from college have a substantial amount of student loan debt, which makes it difficult for them to qualify for loans. The Doctor Mortgage Loan Programs are usually easy to be eligible for as the physician leaders take into consideration the amount of money physicians make once they start practicing.

It generally requires only an employment contract as proof of income making it beneficial for doctors who are relocating for their first job or want to move in before they start practicing. This is a unique and lucrative program assisting doctors/ physicians to kick-start their career. Leading banks offering physician mortgages in Charleston are looking to establish a relationship with individuals who make a high and stable income.

The doctors/ physicians that are eligible to apply for the Doctor Loan Programs in Charleston are medical residents (with educational license), medical doctor (MD), doctor of dental science (DDS), doctor of dental medicine or surgeon (DMD), doctor of optometry (OD), doctor of ophthalmology (MD), doctor of osteopathy (DO), and doctor of paediatric medicine (DPM).

The reason why the Doctor Mortgage Loan is different from any conventional Loan is zero down payment, no PMI payments and deferred loans not counted in the debt-to-income ratios. There are many other differences and advantages as well that has been mentioned in the article below.

Physician Mortgage Loan Experts in Charleston

Physician Mortgage Loans in Charleston makes doctors invest very little money for a down payment on the loan, usually 0-5% of the purchase price. It does not mandate physicians to pay for private mortgage insurance (PMI). Banks do not consider the student loan debt, and neither lets it influence the approval of doctor loan program in Charleston. It offers value and benefits that cannot be refused. It holds a higher chance of approval for the new in practice physicians. It finances 90-100% of the loan value usually.

 It provides higher loan limits depending on the country and on the institution that is making the loan. Despite which it still has a higher loan limit than any conventional loan amounting from $850k to $1.5million. The Physician mortgage loans in Charleston have the highest interest rate but still, keep into consideration many benefits for physicians especially the ones early in their career.

Doctor Mortgage Loans in Charleston is a popular offer and is said to be extremely beneficial for a recent graduate. It accepts the residency/fellowship/employment contract as proof of income for the future. Usually, conventional lenders look backward at the borrowers earning history to be able to determine if they’ll be able to afford a monthly loan payment, but physician lenders don’t.


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Leading banks giving out physician mortgages in Charleston don’t resort to any unfair practices of forcing people to do enough business with their bank to be able to approve their physician loan. They only require physicians to open an account with them to be eligible for a credit.

The Doctor Loan Program in Charleston can be referred to by as many names as possible, but they will all have one thing in common which is the fact that these different loans are specifically to help doctors buy homes. Several leading banks offer these loans. These loans were created when there were realizations in the market that there is a need for a product to assist new doctors who are fresh out of school to reduce their burden of student loans. The benefit of this smartly designed product is that new doctors have a high-income potential and perfect job security which reduces the odds of them defaulting on their mortgage.