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A Physician Mortgage Loan Program or a Doctor Mortgage Loan Program comprises a wide variety of home loan solutions that have been customized around the financial goals of the physicians/ doctors located in Philadelphia. It is a well-known fact that conventional loans in the USA have many strict guidelines to adhere to with meager chances of approval. 

The invention the Doctor Loan Program is very significant in the current times due to the same reason. Apart from the various benefits that it provides, it is a significant advantage for the physicians to buy a home considering they have a high paying stable job. Almost all leading banks these days are providing physician mortgage loans in Philadelphia without resorting to any tricks to get more business out of the doctors.

The sole purpose of leading banks giving out physician mortgages in Philadelphia is to develop a good working relationship with high-income professionals. This is a unique and lucrative program assisting doctors/ physicians to buy their own home at the very start of their career. Physician Lenders require you to only open an account with them to be eligible for a loan. In some cases, doctor mortgage loans in Philadelphia allows borrowers also to use money that they have received as a gift for the down payment, cash reserves or closing costs.

Physician Mortgage Loan Experts in Philadelphia

The Doctor Mortgage Loan Program requires doctors to invest very little money for a down payment on the loan, usually 0-5% of the purchase price. It also does not mandate physicians to pay for private mortgage insurance (PMI). Banks do not include the student loan debt, and neither lets it influence the approval of doctor loan program in Philadelphia. This makes it a very attractive offer and one of the main reasons why it is said to be so beneficial for a recent graduate. It accepts residency/fellowship/employment contract as proof of income for the future. Usually, conventional lenders keep track of the borrowers earning, but physician lenders don’t.

Doctor Mortgage Loans in Philadelphia offers value and benefits that cannot be refused. It holds a higher chance of approval for the new in practice physicians. It finances 90-100% of the loan value usually. It provides higher loan limits depending on the institution that is making the loan. Despite which it still has a higher loan limit than any conventional loan amounting from $850k to $1.5million. Although, the Physician mortgage loans in Philadelphia have the highest interest rate it is still preferred over any other conventional loans by physicians because of the many other benefits that it provides especially to the ones early in their career.

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To sum it all up, listed below are some of the major benefits of the Doctor Loan Program in Philadelphia-

•    Zero Down Payment or Low Down Payment for loans

•    No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

•    Opportunity to move in up to 90-days before the contract start date to the new home

•    Ability to ignore deferred student loan payments

•    Fixed and Adjustable Rate options available

•    Redeem gift cards for down payments or closing costs

With the assistance of Physician Mortgage Loans in Philadelphia physicians nowadays get their living arrangement, with zero income history, no money, and heavy student loan debts. This program has profited the early-profession doctors by loaning them a greater measure of cash with fewer pre-requisites. The objective has been to give home loans with lucrative offers that can't be refused. Physicians towards the beginning of their profession get a direction with the help of this program and can design the following 5-10 years of their career accordingly. They are now able to explore low home loan rates and purchase their very own place. This is a win-win circumstance for both moneylenders and borrowers as conceding instalments is a far-fetched circumstance considering the steadiness of a doctor's high-income work.


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