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A Physician Mortgage Loan Program or Doctor Mortgage Loan Program is explicitly targeted towards doctors. It is a unique program that can allow doctors to receive the benefit of their profession and qualify for a mortgage that has desirable loan conditions. Physician Lenders have a particular qualifications checklist that needs to be met to obtain the loan. This program has been established to provide doctors an edge over other professionals regarding mortgage solutions and customer service. The Physician Loan has been specially designed for doctors who are looking to purchase their first or second home, or also the ones who want to refinance their current home carrying an outstanding loan.

Physician loans have significant benefits for buying a home with a limited amount of money to start out with, but specific requirements need to be met to be able to even apply for the doctor Mortgage Loans in Las Vegas. It only provides physician loans to a medical resident (with educational license), medical doctor (MD), doctor of dental science (DDS), doctor of dental medicine or surgeon (DMD), doctor of optometry (OD), doctor of ophthalmology (MD), doctor of osteopathy (DO), and doctor of paediatric medicine (DPM).

Physician Mortgage Loan Experts in Las Vegas

The leading banks lending Physician Mortgages in Las Vegas City do not consider any restrictions by the number of years spent by the physician in practice before offering lucrative mortgage rates.  Also, almost all borrowers of doctor loan programs in Las Vegas close on a new home up to 60 days before the start of their employment which makes this program different as compared to other lending programs.

Physician Mortgage Loans in Las Vegas has many lucrative offers and benefits for borrowers which gives their career a kick-start and makes it impossible for them to resist.

• Leading Physician Mortgages in Las Vegas also offer extremely low down payment of 0-5% and finances 90-100% of the loan value usually.

• It holds a higher chance of approval for the new in practice physicians because a physician loan is a good option for doctors who are having trouble scraping together cash for a down payment.

• The student loan payments of any physician that is delayed or deferred do not influence the decision of approval of the doctor mortgage loans in Las Vegas.

• Some Physician Loan Programs even allow physicians to use gift money for a down payment or closing costs.

• It provides flexibility for a self-employed physician regarding proof of income to qualify with as little as a six-month history of income, enabling them to buy a home almost two years earlier with a doctor loan than a conventional loan.

• Physician Mortgage Loans in Las Vegas provides higher loan limits amounting between $ 850k to $1.5 million depending on the country and on the institution that is making the physician loan.

• Doctor Loan Programs gives physicians in Las Vegas city the access to finance with little to no money down and also no required private mortgage insurance (PMI).

These are some reasons that make this program very lucrative for physicians and doctors as they are eligible to apply for this loan as soon as they start practicing.

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Physician Lenders as compared to other conventional lenders have the highest interest rate and yet is the most preferred loan program by physicians especially the ones early in their career.

The Doctor Mortgage Loan Program despite how it sounds is hugely lucrative for both lenders and borrowers because physicians are considered to have a steady high paying job which is why the risk of them deferring their payments is pretty low as compared to the others.  This is why the banks are willing to offer a no down payment loan without any PMI and also overlook student loan debt.  Therefore, the doctor Loan Programs in Las Vegas are a pretty good deal for both physician lenders and right out of college physicians.


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