Physician Mortgage Market Update

Physician Mortgage Rates have gone up .5-.75% the past 10 months as the stock market has reached record highs and the government has pulled back assistance in artificially lowering rates.

In addition, housing inventory......good housing inventory, seems to be low. How can we help?

Our network of Physician Home Loan lenders can issue you a free pre-qualification based on today's market conditions. The Doctor Loans being offered have NO PMI, keeping the affordability high and monthly payment low. These pre-qualifications can be completed within 24-48 hours.

Our Physician Agent Network of Realtors can walk you thru finding the perfect home, even if the inventory is low. These agents are at NO COST to you (sellers generally pay for the cost of buying and selling Realtors)

Please Visit our website or click the "Pick the State" button below to be educated on your future options.

Mike Ficzner